EXCLUSIVE PRESALE: Golden pyramid 99€ 69€ + receive a handwritten note from Isidora!

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Limited Edition Golden Pyramid




The limited edition of the hand-made golden pyramid is special not only because it is covered with golden leaves, giving this artefact an exceptional esthetic value, but also because inside it there is a built-in Peruvian semiprecious stone of exceptional beauty and sophistication with special energetic powers.

Isidora Bjelica’s gold energy pyramid together with her message cards for raising the vibrations and love initiations are the most beautiful esoteric creations ever designed. For the first time, the project entitled “quotes” – life formulas for resolving any situation – has been created in such a way that even the box itself is an esthetic and esoteric object designed to purify energy and preserve harmony. The Pyramid is crafted from the finest wooden materials according to sacral geometry dimensions and principles, covered with golden color and lined with purple plush material – the color of the highest vibrational frequency. It is not only one of the most beautiful boxes with a secret opening, but an artefact in its own right. With its mystical function, it is a vibrational purifier which holds the secret messages and the gnostic initiation knowledge of the Universe’s laws and realities that can help us greatly in any situation – be it at the beginning of our day or whenever we face a concrete challenge. It could also help us to continually work on ourselves, raise awareness and increase love.

The message cards could be used as daily emotional Zen formulas for the soul by placing a different card on the pyramid cardholder each day, or as a deck of wisdom and knowledge giving us a concrete answer according to the principle of synchronicity and the Yi Jing system.

Pre-sale untill 25th October