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Isidora Bjelica

An author of more than 80 books, a globetrotter, a tv author, hat designer, adventurist, one of the most beloved and most controversial balkan authors of today

Born in Sarajevo, she graduted from the department of dramaturgy at the faculty of dramatic arts in Belgrade, where she worked as an Assistant Professor. She is the author of a number of best-selling books such as “Love in Tunisia”, “Princesses of Montenero”, “The secret lives of famous Serbs”, “The Rescue”. “Alone”, “The scent of the sky”, “Angels’ school” etc.

She published her first short stories volume “Awakening of the first” at the age of eighteen (published by “knjizevna omladina srbije”). Isidora’s first novel “The infamous”, published some thirty years ago, gained her a wide readership and she has been a best selling author ever since.

She is well known as a fighter against taboos, with an interest in women’s secret history, travelling (her utmost passion – she has travelled around the world three times!) and esotery and spirituality – dominant as a subjects theme since 2013, when she was diagnosed with advanced stage of cancer. Isidora’s struggle for life, its meaning and her openness on the topic of stigmatisation of people diagnosed with severe diseases in contemporary society, still moves so many people…

Isidora wrote for television, creating several Tv series, such as “Klot frket”. She has written more then a thousand newspaper articles and editorials and 12 award winning theatre plays – with “Sarajevo woman in belgrade” being a hit theatre play for well over a decade.

Hats are Isidora’s personal trade mark! Hat design started as a hobby and had turn into an official passion resulting in a number of fashion shows featuring exclusive pieces which she designs when taking a break from writing.

As a wife and a mother, but at first and foremost – as a woman, she introduced compeltely new views of life to the Balkans, enabling many women who followed on the literature scene – thusfar secluded and prejudiced towards women’s writing. Her books had been translated in many languages and had been awarded with a wide range of literature awards such as “Golden Bestseller”, “Dragisa Kasikovic”, “Belgrade Winner”, “The most loved women of the world”, “Karic brothers award”, “University of Sorbone slavic studies’ award”, Sarajevo drama festival award for “sarajlika” etc.

Nevertheless, Isidora’s reputation is that of an author who refuses to take part in conventional award giving and literature lobbying. She is interested in contacting her readers instead, and claims that the point of her literature is to console and give hope to others, through her brutally honest discourse on her personal suffering.

As a result, she is one of the most followed authors on mainstream social media, still maintaining that brutal honesty and bravery are the two most important elements necessary to open the portals of consiousness.